flow of electricity
ProductManufacturerItem NumberPrice
Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface:Telos ONE Digital Hybrid, Rack Mount Version$1050
Analog Audio Mixer:Mackie#MA1202VLZPRO$319.95
Camera:SONY DCR-VX1000page 18 B&H Catalog$2795
SVHS recorder:JVC#JVSRS365U$999.95 x 2
MX-Pro DV mixer:Videonics#VIMXPDV$1989.95
Small monitor:RCA/Radio Shack#16-3003$89.99
Lighting:B&Hif needed$
Slide Computer:HPD7204C#ABA$1226
WT Computer:HPD7204C#ABA$1226
Encoding Server:Dell Precision Workstation $7459*
Linksys hub:PCConnection59648$189.95
T1 Router:Ask Josh  
T1 Bandwith:Ask Josh  
Real Server Plus 7.0:Real Networks60 streams$1995
Real Video hosting:do our own? $
* = I am sure Josh can find the same specs cheaper.
The Interaction

The students would sit down at prepared computers (connected to a high-speed line) and phone headsets. At the bottom of these computers would be 4 minimized windows: Supervisor, Agent, a browser window, RealPlayer.

what the student computer would look like

They would sit down and put on their phone headsets to participate in the conference call. Then they would put on their headsets and bring up their RealPlayers. We'd all say hello to eachother. We would establish that they can hear me through their phone headsets, see me on their computer screens, and that I can hear them through my headset. After greeting, I tell them the agenda for training again. First they will bring up their browser window and be the customer. I would be the Agent and take all their calls in the queue.

students are customers first

Then they bring up Agent, and I will be the customer. I would use hints to give each of them a turn at being an agent. The hints would be their names, so all I would do is fill out a customer form using their names. If I need to show slides, I can do that many to many via the RealPlayer.

students play agent

Agent training would end at this point. If I am training supervisors, the students would open up Supervisor and we would walk through that, based on the slides. Then training is over and everyone gets put on our mailing list for further questions. The entire training session is interactive, as is our Agent software.

students are then supervisors