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Radio Free Monterey
Makin' Copies: RFM Installation becomes Matranet Training Studio 

James and Kermit after a job well done. It was truly an amazing day. Michael and Sam from MATRAnet came in on a Saturday to help with the network components that combine with the audio/visual equipment to create the RFM installation.

We came in at about 12:00 pm and took all the components out of the boxes. It had taken me a month just to accumulate the parts of this RFM installation turned training studio. When all the pieces were laid out on the desk, James, Kermit, and I went to Fry's to find all the cables and adapters. Then we came back and put it all together. Eight hours after we started, we had audio, we had video, and we were streaming. Two years work replicated in a day. There were lots of smiles. This is a picture I took of James and Kermit after we finished. Scroll down to see Michael and Sam smiling, too. :-)

Michael Configures the Router

Meet Michael Adekoje. He was there the fateful day when I met Josh (or RFM member Hunter Thompson), who got me my job at MATRAnet. Michael and Josh were working for Redshift at the time and helped install the network on the original RFM installation in my house. Now, Michael was kind enough to come in on Saturday and configure the router for the MATRAnet Training Studio. Thank you, Michael!

Sam fixes our encoding server.

Meet Samir Sweilem, our Main NT Guy at work. We share an office. :-) Sam was also kind enough to come in on Saturday to figure out why our encoding server felt like displaying the blue screen of death. Memory configuration disagreement. All the RAM slots have to be filled. I need 256 mgs more. I am very grateful to Sam for helping with this. Thank you, Sam!