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For instance in our area alone 1 corporation owns at least 4 radio stations - hardly a fair distribution of your airwaves, the community's airwaves! Licenses for broadcast transmission are put on "auction blocks" and hoarded and swapped and "held," by corporate executives, and far more common now is similar behavior from so called "non profit religious ministries."

In addition, a few politicians with access to huge sums of money from organizations like the National Association of Broadcasters (who recently elected Rush Limbaugh their spokesperson), make monetarily biased decisions, in essence abusing the process of law making. I invite Internet users to have a look at FCC applications and broadcast permit holdings for our community. 

Between the lines, this site virtually tells the story of the erosion of our freedom through political and corporate cheating, the monitory padding of our elected representatives and the public's inability to take action to save the airwaves from this kind of monopolistic activity, which could accurately be described as "takeover."

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