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sarlock the dragon


My name is Sarlock T. Icedragon, my parents gave me a human name in an attempt to make me feel I was like other kids. But the differences were obvious, I've included a description of myself near the bottom of this message.

As you might be able to guess by the name, I am an ice dragon. I enjoy the cold weather, and I am passionate about snow. When I tromp over snow covered land and feel my feet crunching into the millions of unique, crispy snow flakes I get a smile on my face. When soft little snow flakes drift out of the air and land on me I try to take some time and watch them pile up and cling to each other for dear life before I brush them off to join all their other friends on the ground. Snow does one major thing for me which no person could ever do, it makes the world look clean and pure. The litter, the ugly grass, the barren trees, they all give way to the snow turning all the ugliness I have to see the other six or nine months of the year into a wonderful white world.

Aside from my snow obsession I do try to keep myself entertained in other ways. I've had a variety of hobbies, but have always chosen ones which I will enjoy, and that will help me learn new things. When I was just a hatchling I enjoyed tearing apart anything the least bit technical. As I got older I begin to wonder how all of the little parts in a electronic devices functioned. I have spent many years of my life playing with and exploring electronics which has in turn expanded my knowledge greatly and allowed me to get involved in other hobbies. I built radio-controlled aircraft for a while, and although most people think of them as toys, they are complicated devices requiring skill and talent to use. I am currently in the construction phases of a P-51 Mustang which will be powered by a .90ci 4-stroke engine.

When I'm not playing with electronics, or R/C aircraft I am playing with lasers. I first started playing with lasers back when I was 12 (I think, it was many years ago and the details are fuzzy ;) ), I built my first laser then, but quickly became bored with the red dot which it projected. This wasn't your normal laser pointer-type laser, but a laser which used interactions with gas and electricity to produce a beam with much higher quality and range than a pointer. I went back to electronics and planes for several years, but have once again come back to lasers. My current projects have involved argon ion lasers, and Co2 burning/cutting lasers, and a scanning system to allow me to draw graphics using the laser's beam. Other projects down the road will include copper vapor based, nitrogen based, and hopefully some solid state lasers using rods of glass, or ruby to produce laser radiation.

I enjoy being a social person, but there are parts of my life which I do like to keep private. I do try to keep true to my person when I am interacting with others over the net. The net allows me to feel more open to people and to be more talkative, but I have learned that some things are better kept to ones self than expecting people to respond with kindness and understanding.

I have spent many years on the internet, before most people had ever heard the term in fact. I have seen it evolve to bigger and better things, and have always been impressed by it's potential. I have gained friends from it, and I have lost friends due to it. I have been stabbed in the back by people I thought I could trust, and my family has used it to dig into the personal details of my life. I have learned a lot about your human species, your personalities, and your actions by spending untold hours in very deep conversations discussing all aspects of life.

Over the past twelve years I have found a lot out about the human condition, sometimes more than I wanted. I think the journey has been worth it though, it's a piece of technology which I am comfortable with, and understand it's working, but the human factor throws in a bit of a random pattern which can really throw you for a loop sometimes.

I found Radio Free Monterey a couple of years ago via some strange routes. when I first visited they were having some technical problems and I thought they were one of these 'Good ideas but didn't last long' type of deals and the site had gone down. But it sounded like a cool idea, and I didn't want to give up so I went back again several times until I caught them up and running. I've spent quite a few days there, and enjoy the conversations with the humans at RFM. As of late I have not been around much, but I always check in every so often to make sure the people are still alive, and that they haven't lost sight of their dreams and goals.

Enough noise from me for now though, I'll just finish this up with a description of myself so you can freak out and tell all your friends you heard about this guy on the internet who thinks he is a dragon. Well, say it as you will, but I KNOW I'm a dragon :)

I am an ice dragon, I stand about 15 feet tall and have many dragon like features. My scales are a nice pearly white color which refracts a rainbow of multiple colors when the moonlight shines on them. I have a pear shaped body with two powerful legs, to which to big clawed feet are attached. My arms are rather short, but still provide me with being able to type and do other useful things with them. The paws on my arms have nice sharp claws on them which is great for scaring off the door-to-door people and the IRS goons. My head is perched on top of a good length neck. My eyes are big and brown, and I have to fleshy, but strong horns which extend back on either side of my head. My snout extends forwards with big sharp teeth which hang out the sides and look kind of silly, and I have two bulbous nostrils which sit perched on the end. You may notice from time to time that there is a bit of frost around my nostrils, it's the inbuilt air conditioning :) And last but not least, the rules which applies to most dragons: "if I'm not smiling, you'd better be running"

Sarlock T. Icedragon