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Radio Free Monterey, or RFM, harms no one. The station will never instigate a riot, antagonize a murderer, or encourage any other harmful activities. The verbal language of my programming is generally non offensive. If the "F" word should be transmitted, it's generally infrequent and late at night. My target audience is young adult to middle aged. I seek to encourage critical thinking and open communication. 

Because I seek no profit, or even maintenance funding, I can present a metaphoric ton of free speech to our community. For instance, during the recent election period, when all the commercial radio stations were running the paid campaign advertising of political candidates; my radio station was airing, beginning two weeks before the election, almost continually, 8 hours of clear and unbiased reading directly from the California Voters Information Guide. 

I provided much additional information on propositions directly from the Internet to FM radio. I pleaded passionately with the voters of my community to turn-out on election day. Many people listened, and got informed free of negative advertising, fundraising interruptions in programming, or obnoxious radio commercials. And it is my hope that someone voted who normally would not have. 

I air the music of local artists everyday. And invite anyone with an audio talent to send in their own material, with honorable intent that it will be played, no matter the perceived quality. If RFM can stay on the air, one day, all the content will have come directly from this community. 

With little fear of offending, I air the most hateful and powerful anti-drunk driving messages anyone has ever heard. I consider them (drunk drivers), your enemy and mine. I remind people where to get condoms, how to use them, and why. I invite the whole community to sell their used goods on the radio (the Want Adds). I shout out driving and traffic instructions to those inconsiderate drivers in our community. 

Every Friday night a call in show titled Drunks R Us focuses for two hours on substance abuse. RFM runs full length movie audio, the classics, the weird, and documentaries, for those who ěhate their televisionsî or anyone interested in fascinating free entertainment that actually involves the mind actively. 

I produce entertaining anti-mercials regarding products, and corporations, anyone may have a gripe with. Every Sunday Atheists Hour discusses the ěstate of belief orientated peoples of the planet Earth,î enough said. The Sunday Hot Seat show is an interactive discussion of the editorial letters of ěour local newspapers,î with special attention give to the most local of issues. I report the War on Drugs as an uncivilized war on civil liberties. 

In the wake of two recent shooting deaths of impaired local citizens, by law enforcement officers in our community ,I have made RFM a medium for the promotion of Non Lethal Weapons training and equipment for our community's law enforcement departments. 

Although the term for ěpirate radioî such as this, is generally ěFree Radio,î I chose to put the word ñradioî before the word ěfreeî because of Monterey's history as California's first capitol. Monterey, is a symbol of American freedom, a ñfree Monterey.î And I feel this city can be a Capital, again. 

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