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My name is James Mason and my current love is for the communication of ideals, and solutions, toward positive change for our growing and complex society. When I was a boy, I stuttered so badly I could not talk. Now I canÍt shut up. To speak to the public on issues that effect us all, is to me an extremely habit forming activity from which I can not curtail. At this stage in my life, free speech is crucial for me to thrive. 

I'm lucky to be alive right now at this time in history. The Internet is changing the world and it's capability to be a free speech bastion with the ability to effect positive change is becoming apparent. Satellite technology has allowed us to receive a multitude of specialized and dynamic entertainment and educational programming choices worldwide. And art is flourishing. 

However, it is also a time when free speech is being lost for many of us. Radio is a fine example. The airwaves are being lost rapidly to the ýfree speechţ of financial ability. Thanks in no kind to the national Congress of the recent few years: multiple radio station ownership in single broadcast geographical areas is flourishing. 

 the air is a mess . . . 

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